About Us

Founded in 1994 by Jo Schirtzinger, Leisure Unlimited offers a multitude of sports and fitness classes for ages 2 to 102 throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.

We contract with various parks & recreation departments, community education departments, senior centers and private individuals to teach sports and fitness in the Metro Detroit area.

Our goal is to instill self confidence, teamwork and social skills through sports instruction. Fun and humor is a large part of our coaching strategy for enhancing individual and team skills.

Leisure Unlimited Founder Jo Schirtzinger


Young kids laughing at their teacher's goofy antics.
Kids young and old love our coaches’ goofy antics.
Kids work together to play parachute games.
Parachute day is everyone’s favorite.
Adults dancing during a fitness class with Leisure Unlimited.
Adults stay fit and have fun at the same time with our fitness classes.
Coach Jo teaches children how to catch a baseball with a glove.
Coach Jo teaches kids how to catch a ball with a glove.